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If you are looking an essay writer, who can write essay for you a lot of essay writing services are available. Coursework Spot is also an essay writing services providing company. So, in this review you will learn about their quality, pricing, writers and much more.


Company trust



This company offering many services for students to boost their grades. They are offering academic writings along with business writing. They are offering following services:
1. Essays
2. Research Papers
3. Capstone Projects
4. Literature Reviews
5 Articles
6 Case Studies
They are also offering admissions services including admissions essays, personal statements, and resumes.


There are lots of online writing services companies that are providing writing services and they have qualified writers in their staff. On the basis of our research, we find that they just have 50 total staff, with 4 of them being from the UK. When we talk about degree level, they just have 5 PhDs and 12 masters level degree holders. It shows that they have a very low number of experts in their staff. As we have discussed above, they have just 4 writers from the UK it means that they are not native English speakers.


The pricing system of Coursework Spot is extremely inconvenient, and that's an understatement. In fact, I'm pretty sure I never encountered an essay company with a pricing system which is as awful as this one. The price of each and everything is defined on their website. But they are not affordable their rates are very high as compared to their work. They are providing low-quality work but they are charging to much high. As well as no discounts for new customers or no other promo codes for students. They are not sharing your burdens they are loading more burden on students shoulders in the form of money. Because it's not an easy task for students to pay from their pocket. There are no extra or free services available on their website.


There are such a lot of websites out there that look legit, however, are merely a lot of scams to do and acquire your knowledge from you. pretty much as good as Coursework Spot looks, you don't need to fall prey thereto reasonably scam. However, does one make sure that this won't happen to you? the most effective issue to try and do is check their site to examine if they'll be trusted. they need to order out their knowledge policy, thus you'll see what they are doing with it. That's smart information to own if you're thinking of exploiting them.

Customer Care Department Services:

We have noted that their customer service is very good they know how to tackle with a customer. But they are taking advantage of this at the start they use very sweet tongue with their customers but after taking the money they don't care about customers. They just need their money, for money they show polite behaviour with customers.
Coursework Spot is offering writing services below average, and they don't care about your privacy. They don't care about your respect they can share your data with anyone. They are not able to provide quality work, because of unqualified writers. And their prices are very high as compared to their work. You can place your order on their website but your work will be not 100% correct.

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