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Are Dissertation Corp the best academic writing services provider in the UK? Although their site is not so professional, here we will write an honest review about them. It's clear their staff is not expert and professional you will read about it in this review. You will not get the standard academic writing here, so it is best not to use them.


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They are offering a wide range of services, from essay writing to dissertations, research papers, editing, and proofreading. They are also offering business writing, they do offer resume writing, proposal writing, etc. This is an academic-only writing service. While Go to Assignment seems to be focused on college and graduate-level services, high school students can also place orders.


When you are going to order here, you will be paired with a writer who will work on your draft and write your paper. But the question is that are they going to be the best for your work? The sites say that they have a staff of 30 writers, and just 4 are from the UK. We have found that they have 9 writers with master's degrees and 4 with Ph.D. degrees. It is a very big problem that just 4 writers are from the UK.
We have ordered a paper on their website to check the performance of their writers, we conclude that their writers were not qualified as the site makes out. They were not able to write the correct statement, there are some issues in choosing the correct words. You are paying to them but your final draft has spelling errors, punctuation mistakes, and some plagiarism. So due to all these points we will never recommend you this site.


Pricing here is just on the high side of average, from what customers have told us. Payment can be made via Visa.
Prices are very high but the quality of their work is not too good. The prices are greater than their services, they are offering low quality work at high prices. They are not sharing the burden of students they are loading more burden on students in the form of money. You have to pay good money for low-quality papers. And it's not a good thing that you are paying above than average but your results will be very low. Also, they are not offering any discounts to their customers. There is no promo code on the website. They are not offering any discounts to their new customers.


While ordering on this website you have to submit your all-personal information. There are no privacy policies are defined on their website so maybe your data will be insecure. One of their customers writes on their website that they have provided his data to another party and they are calling him continuously. They are using the personal information for commercial use; they will not keep your data private. They are not following the NDA guidelines and they are sharing the data with a third party. This site can be 30% worthy, because of many issues.

Customer Care Department Services:

If there is something wrong with your work and you have queries then you can talk to the customer service team. Mostly they are not available, so it's not a guarantee they will solve your queries on time. Also, we found that the customer service team is not from the UK, that's why we faced many communication issues.

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