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Over the past few months, we are receiving messages from different peoples inquiring about Essay Pro. As always, people want to know about the work quality of Essay Pro. They want to know about their writers and prices. Here we are writing a review to evaluate their performance on the bases of their work quality, writers, and pricing. This review is entirely fair, and we are providing all the right and correct information. We placed an order on Essay Pro, nowhere you will read about our experience with Essay Pro.


Company trust



Essay Pro provide a wide range of academic writings, such as homework, assignments, research papers, etc. They also offer essay writing services, as well as they take quizzes, tests and even exams. But their services are not trustworthy because they have un professional and less qualified staff. That's why we will never recommend to others. Their website is not well organized and the content of the website Is also having many grammatical and punctuation errors. There are many complaints on their website and they never respond to their customers.


Our first expression of Essay Pro was very unfavorable and awkward. Their website is not well designed, it was a cheaply setup like a scamming website. They have 50 writers, 2 have PhD degrees and 9 have masters degrees. But the main thing is that mostly writers are from Asian countries, and they are not native English speakers. There are many complaints on their website that their writers are not professional and experts. On the basis of customers reviews we find that their writers deliver their work late. There are some plagiarism cases also found on their website.


The price of each and everything is defined on their website. But they are not affordable their rates are very high as compared to their work. They are providing low-quality work but they are charging to much high. As well as no discounts for new customers or no other promo codes for students. They are not sharing your burdens they are loading more burden on students shoulders in the form of money. Because it's not an easy task for students to pay from their pocket. There are no extra or free services available on their website.


According to our research, this company appears to be illegal and untrustworthy. They do provide the previous or old papers to the students. There are no terms and conditions are written on the website. The company has not defined their privacy policies, so they are sharing their customer's data with others. Your data is not private and secure on their website their writers or other people can blackmail you to show your identity to your institute.

Customer Care Department Services:

We have noted that their customer service is very good they know how to tackle with a customer. But they are taking advantage of this at the start they use very sweet tongue with their customers but after taking the money they don't care about customers. They just need their money, for money they show polite behavior with customers.

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